TARA Launch

TARA was successfully launched by Galileo Software Services Inc last March 2, 2016. During the launch, Mr. Jun Lozada presented about the issues of mobile phone theft in the society. A staggering 41% of Filipinos have experienced phone theft. Many of them are harmed. “A phone is not worth a life, not even a scratch.” This is what the company believes in.

Mr. Jun Lozada

During the launch, Mr. Lozada did a demo of the Lock feature, one of the many features of the app. With this feature, the phone will be locked completely and all the buttons will be inoperable (yes, even the power button!). It will also emit a loud, non-stop alarm that yells “Magnanakaw, magnanakaw!” that the volume buttons will not be able to control. This ensures that nobody will be able to access your phone and its contents while it is locked.

TARA also has other features such as Locate and Wipe. With TARA, you will be able to pinpoint where your phone is even if your location settings is turned off. If you are worried about your personal information and private phone contents, you can wipe all the data on your phone.

How do you use TARA?
All features can be done by simply sending a text message with any phone.
Just text KEYWORD[space]YOUR MOBILE NO.[space]YOUR PIN and send to 5161.
Ex. LOCK 09123456789 Ab123456


LOCK – to activate the alarm and lock your phone entirely
UNLOCK – to deactivate the alarm and unlock your phone
LOCATE – to find the location of your phone
WIPE – to delete all the contents of your phone

You can also contact TARA Customer Care for assistance:

LANDLINE – (02) 656 8272
SMART – 0998 965 7419
SUN – 0943 131 0544
EMAIL – tarasupport@galileo.ph

How protected is your phone?
When your phone gets stolen, thieves will hurriedly take the battery out and throw away your sim card. You don’t have to worry! When the battery is put back into the phone and it is turned on, TARA can still lock the phone. As soon as a new sim card is put into your phone, TARA will be able to detect its number and still be able to lock your phone.The best part about it is that you don’t need load or WiFi/data to be able to use TARA!

Protect your phone! Download TARA now on Google Play Store!

Note: As of March 2, 2016 TARA’s services is only available for SMART, SUN, and TNT subscribers. Rest assured that we are working hard to make TARA available to all mobile subscribers in the country.

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