About TARA
With the growing problem of mobile phone theft occurring all over the world, more and more phones are stolen each day. More lives are at risk as well, because these thefts can be as harmless as pickpocketing and can be as violent as murder. No mobile phone should be worth a life, not even a scratch.

After five years of development, TARA was created to be the solution to the global crime wave of phone theft and protect you, your phone, and its contents. With TARA, you'll never have to feel helpless against this threat.
Made to protect you in any situation
Engineered to be an industry trailblazer, TARA redefines the standard for mobile phone safety by being a TelCo Application Service Provider. This enables TARA to work under all conditions, even if your phone is lost or stolen.

Setting itself apart from all the other kill switches out there, as it is integrated in the 2G/SMS platform, TARA's features work even without internet access, mobile data, or load.
Subscription Rates
After downloading and registering to TARA, you get a FREE 30-day subscription! After your subscription expires, you will be notified if you want to automatically renew it (so you won't have to worry about anything) or opt for a different subscription:
NOTE : TARA is currently available on

The team behind it
TARA was created by Galileo Software Services Inc., with its President and CEO, Engr. Jun Lozada. He created TARA with the intention of protecting and empowering all mobile phone users to help solve the problem of phone theft, both in the Philippines and worldwide.